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Nov 10 2012

Some people have asked about Arabic science fiction, so I’m starting a list of titles here. Please feel free to tell me of others…

  • The Time Travels of the Man Who Sold Pickles and Sweets ( رحلات الطرشجي الحلوجي) by Egyptian Khairy Shalaby, translated to English by Michael Cooperson
  • Utopia
  • The Girl Who Fell to Earth
  • Throne of the Crescent Moon
  • This one is banned, and honestly I’m not sure I’d really want to read it, but it’s worth knowing about…حوجن
  • Here’s a historical one…A True Story: Parallel English and Greek by Lucien de Samosate, the Syrian, who was born in the 2nd century when eastern Turkey was part of Syria, and whose tale A True Story concerned a voyage to the Moon: he was therefore one of the early proto-SF authors.
  • Here are a couple “supernatural” story collections… The Square Moon: Supernatural Tales (Arabic Translation Award and The Seventh Heaven: Supernatural Tales
  • There’s also the story “Jullanar” in 1001 Nights (which tells a mermaid tale).
  • Future Files series by Egyptian Nabil Farouk – I would recommend his book “Tamima” to young adult readers
  • إكسير الحياة / The Elixir of Life by Moroccan Mohammed Aziz El-Habbani
  • الطوفان الأزرق / The Blue Deluge and other books by Moroccan Ahmed Abd El-Salam El-Baqqali – He writes for young adults, and his writing has been compared to Jules Verne and Ralph Ellison.
  • مجرد حلم / Just a Dream by Moroccan Abd El-Rahim Buhayr – treats social and political issues
  • السيد من حقل السبانخ / The Guy from the Spinach Field – futuristic novel about state politics, freedom, and illusions of freedom
  • اجوان and sequel ماندان by Noura Noman – see this discussion and interview
  • also see this discussion and this interview with Ana Barbaro

  art: ‘Warrior’ by Matt Leines










And on the topic of science fiction, see Ed Finn’s post on science fiction in popular culture and higher education here.

For a combination of Arabic culture and Sci Fi fandom, see the work of Sophia Al-Maria, who coined the term ‘Gulf Futurism’. I have a brief review of her book, The Girl Who Fell to Earth.

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  1. Hi Melanie,

    Here is a list (below) of authors I’m working on (PhD in Arabic SF at Durham University, UK). I started out with Achmed Khammas’ 2006 Essay “The Almost Complete Lack of the Element of Futureness” available here

    I have most of them, but not all – some of them are pretty much impossible to get hold of! Though I think the Bibliotheca in Alexandria has a couple of the more elusive ones.

    Best Regards,

    Al-Hababi, Mohammad Aziz al-Habābī. Al-Iksīr Al-Ḥīāt. Casablanca: ʻUyūn al-maqālāt, 1988 or Cairo: Dār Al-Hilal, 1974

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  2. Thanks Barbara, It’s great being in touch with you!

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