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Arabic Sci Fi Event in London

Sep 21 2013 Published by under Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Dear Barbara Dick and other sci-fi fans:

Check out this page for the sci fi salon that will be kicking off the annual Nour Festival of Arts.

Their announcement features a great piece of art by Murat Palta depicting Star Wars as a traditional miniature painting. The artist also has miniatures of movies such as Kill Bill, The Godfather, and other classics.

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Sep 08 2013 Published by under Modern Lit,Pre-Modern Lit

بتحكي عربي؟


بتحب الادب؟


عندنا فرصة لمناقشة


الادب(العربي خاصةً) بالعربي

بأي نوع (المصري، الشامي، المغربي، إلخ..) مرة كل اسبوع

يوم الأحد 3:30 – 4:30 مساءً

(Eastern Standard Time)


Google Hangouts

اتصل بي للمشاركة

احنا بنقرى “الساق على الساق” للشدياق حالياً


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