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Classroom materials for ARB 101

Today we have some computer-based exercises.

With your partner, run through the following in any order you choose:

  • Visit this image, click on it to zoom in, and answer the following questions. If you get stumped, raise your hand for help.

١ –

شو هذا ؟

٢ – Write some of the names, and any other information you find:






  • Open SignsInArabicAmended and decode it. If you and your partner are stumped, raise your hand for help.
  • Visit this page and listen to the first video listed:

    من دول العالم

Take notes with your partner. See how much information you can glean.

  • Listen to this Short Vowels Jingle with your partner if you haven’t heard it yet. Feel free to sing or hum along 🙂
  • If you have extra time, you can visit Sayidaty or Al-Jazeera and see how much information you and your partner can find.
  • If you’re a member of Facebook and have never looked at our URI Arabic page, check it out!