Student Evaluations

Here is a sample course evaluation, from 16 July 2006, from the Summer Institute for Arabic that I taught at the CUNY Graduate School in New York, NY. ALL responses are represented fully. They are only compiled here to be read together. They have not been edited or altered in any way. I have included only the evaluation on the course itself and teaching (not on the program as a whole, including registration, administration, and so on).

Course Evaluation

I. Course Structure and Objectives

1. How clear were course objectives and requirements in the syllabus? Explain: (scale: 1-5)
  • 5 (2 rated “5” with no comment)
  • 5 Crystal.
  • 5 Requirements were explained clearly at beginning of semester.
  • 5 Requirements, objectives, grading system, etc. all clearly explained in syllabus.
  • 5 The course followed the setup of the book very closely, with specific rules and constructions outlined and explained in each chapter. There were never any doubts as to what was going to be on the next week’s quiz.
  • 5 Course objectives and requirements were very clear and easy to follow.
  • 5 She spelled out the breakdown of how she grades the participation and what our goals are.
  • 5 Excellent. This was a first rate beginning in Arabic.
  • 5 She was very clear regarding course objectives and requirements and provided a clear syllabus which she followed.
  • 5 Clear.
  • 4 She typed the syllabus and followed grading, but she didn’t give us a detailed syllabus of what we would be doing.
  • 4 They were very clear. We were told from the very beginning what was expected of us.
  • 4 Very we knew from day one what was expected of us. We were treated as adults and expected to act as such.
  • 4 Pretty clear. Too much was expected considering the duration of the class and number of units covered.


2. How clearly was the course organized and presented to help students achieve the learning
objectives? (scale: 1-5)
  •  5 (5 rated “5” with no comment)
  • 5 As a first time Arabic student, I found that the course was organized to best meet my needs.
  • 5 Certain amount of time was allocated to go over vocab, review drills and practice using vocab using games in each class period.
  • 5 With the syllabus, there are no questions. Everything was explained and done in a structurally perfect manner.
  • 5 Very clear.
  •  4 (3 rated “4” with no comment)
  • 4 The DVD’s were a bit confusing, and so was the text.
  • 4 It was very organized. The way it was structured was very conducive to student learning. I’ve learned more in one semester here than I would have years on my own.
  • 4 Very.
  • 4 The material in the book was straightforward and presented necessary rules.
  •  1 Too much material was crammed in not giving enough time to work on foundations.